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Reyna's Cooking Classes

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Reyna Polanco Abrahams
invites you to her San Miguel de Allende home
to learn  the secrets of Mexican cooking.

Polanco Tours and Transportation in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


"For anyone interested in learning more about Mexican food and culture, Reyna Polanco Abraham's San Miguel de Allende kitchen is the place to be.  Reyna was brought up in Coatepec, Veracruz and delights in sharing family recipes from her Mexican gulf coast state.  She also enjoys cooking traditional dishes from Guanajuato, Michoacán, Jalisco, Puebla, Oaxaca, and as far as Yucatán. 


Reyna's classes are in English, with printed recipes for everyone.  Her fun-filled classes are enjoyed by locals and travelers.  After each session Reyna prepares a comida (full afternoon meal) of the dishes she teaches that day, including drinks, dessert and coffee. Everyone looks forward to the sumptuous food - and having a good time."

Nancy Zaslavsky, Author
A Cook's Tour of Mexico, and
Meatless Mexican Home Cooking


A sampling of dishes Reyna prepares for her classes


Mexico's famous tortilla soup (also known as sopa Azteca), pozole (hominy-meat soup), classic Mexican chicken soup, and a variety of vegetarian cream soups.

Rice and Pasta

Red tomato rice, green herb rice, Mexican rice with onions and broth and sopa seca de fideos ("dry soup" made with thin pasta).


Snacks made from masa (corn dough) such as gorditas (thick tortillas) filled with black beans, enchiladas, tamales from different regions of Mexico and sopes (filled masa tarts).


Preparation methods for vegetables poplar in Mexico such as: chayote squash, nopales (cactus paddles) j�cama, plantains, chiles, and various beans. Salads such as corn and lentil salad on a fresh corn leaf and vinegar vegetable in escabeche.

Main Dishes

Chicken in pip�an (pumpkin seed sauce), chicken in squash blossom sauce, mole poblano (mole from Puebla), lean pork loin in mole verde ( green sauce), chiles rellenos, and chiles en nogada (stuffed chiles, walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds).


Uncooked red tomato table salsa, uncooked green tomatillo table salsa and various cooked salsa using different chiles.


Nopal (cactus paddle) cake, pastel tres leches (traditional rice cake made with three creams), avocado cake, and cajeta (goat milk caramel) flan.

Special Drinks

Pineapple - parsley agua fresca, jamaica, bougainvillea flower, chia seed, and tasting of regional liquors and tequilas.



Its a Fiesta !

  • at Reyna's - noon to two
  • Reyna's Mexican cooking classes meet for two hours.
  • Please telephone at least a day ahead to reserve space
  • If you would like Reyna to prepare a favorite Mexican or vegetarian dish, please call a week in advance.
  • If possible, Reyna will plan the following class around your request.


Reyna Polanco

pricing as follows:
US $35 per person.



Telephone: (415) 152-41-93

Address:  Cri Cri #25,
Colonia Guadalupe,
San Miguel de Allende, Gto.
Mexico 37710

Directions to Reyna's house: 

You can reach Cri Cri #25 either by a short taxi ride or a 10 minute walk north of the Jardín.

Take Hidalgo and pass Insurgentes and Calzada de la Luz
(the road angles here).  
Continue north (Hidalgo becomes Calzada Aurora)
and turn left at the second street.  
Walk two short blocks (the road angles left)
and turn right on Cri Cri. 
#25 is toward the end, on the right side.

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