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Please note that our business policy prohibits us from giving legal advice or making specific recommendations about any businesses in San Miguel de Allende. does not provide printed information; all the information we can provide is on our website; to the best of our knowledge there is no agency providing free printed material in English by mail at this time.


We are more than happy to conduct interviews with representatives the media, and we welcome and encourage general questions about life in San Miguel de Allende - please ask them in our San Miguel Allende Questions and Answers section, where selected questions and answers are posted for the benefit of all visitors to our Guide to San Miguel de Allende.


Please understand that this website is a commercial enterprise, and does not have sufficient staff to be able offer personal services such as conducting searches for people or their contact information, passing on messages, making vacation or travel arrangements, or performing errands and other types of personal tasks and favors.


We respectfully ask that these types of requests be directed to one of the following agencies:


San Miguel de Allende's City Tourism Office:
tel: +52 415 152 0001

San Miguel de Allende's US Consular Office:
tel: +52 415 152 2357
fax: +52 415 152 1588





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